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5 Ideas for Business Blog Content

So you’ve started a business blog. Awesome! You know that a blog can drive traffic, build authority and create leads – but, now you’re stuck. What do you write about?

Here are some ideas to get you going;

  1. FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions are a great starting point for any business owner to start blogging about their product or service. You have potential here to share lots of business related information that is soaked in relevant keywords and phrases. Take one common question per week and put the answer in your blog.

  1. What’s New in your business

Whether you sell a product online or are a service based company, any time you develop something new or add a new service, tell the story in a blog post.  Then take that blog and share it on email and social media.  Next thing you know, people are visiting your website.

  1. Your Team

A huge part of your success as a company comes from your team. Talk about them! Who is new – who has an anniversary? Did someone on your staff get a new certification or go to a training program? Talk about them – tell their story and share their news. Makes the team feel good, gives them recognition, and helps tell your corporate story to your customers

  1. Make a guide or tutorial

No one knows your business better than you. Think of the things that you commonly do everyday and show your expertise by putting some instructions on your blog.  You are now the expert and will be who your customers call when they need help next time!  Want to make this even better?  Create a tutorial video!

  1. Share photos

Photos of your latest projects or your latest corporate function show your customers what you’ve been up to. If your company does charity work or is involved in the community, take pics and write about it. Christmas party? Well, don’t overshare, but show the fun you have as an organization!

There are lots of ways to get started with a blog.  These 5 simple ideas can help you get going today!  What are you waiting for?