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4 Things you can do to customize your Newsfeed

4 Things you can do to customize your Facebook News Feed.

In a previous post, I outlined how Facebook’s Algorithm, EdgeRank, affects what stories you see in your News Feed. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

In this post, I’m going to give you a few tips on things you can change in Facebook that will affect your News Feed.   Give them a try to see if you like the results!

What can you do to control what you see in NewsFeed?

  1. Hide a story that you don’t want to see. (see the full Facebook instructions here)

If you click on the little ‘v’ that appears next to every story in your News Feed, you will see a drop down menu that gives you some options.   If you click “I don’t want to see this” you will be given the option to See Less from that person or page, or you can Unfollow them. If you unfollow, you will still remain friends, but you won’t see their posts. Other options in this menu are Report or turn on notifications. Use these to report an inappropriate post, or to receive notifications of any comments on that post.

  1. Using Lists.

Facebook provides some list categories to get you started using Lists. You have lists for Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted. You will see more posts and updates from the people in your close friends list, you won’t see as much in your news feed from your acquaintances, and you guessed it, you won’t see posts from your restricted list. In fact, anyone on your restricted list will only get to see your Public Content, or posts they are tagged in.

Don’t worry, your friends do not know when they have been added, or removed, from these lists.

You can also create custom lists to organize your friends, and control what you see of theirs, and what they see of yours. Creating a ‘work’ or ‘office’ group might be particularly useful if you have a large circle of colleagues connecting to you on Facebook. Use the Audience Selector when you post on facebook to know who you are including (or NOT including) in your audience.

Facebook provides great instructions on their website for creating lists, and adding people.

  1. Viewing Top Stories vs Most Recent.

The default setting in Facebook is that our News Feed is set to Top Stories. A simple switch to Most Recent still shows you posts from friends and pages and groups you interact with, but shows them in the order they were posted, not in the order of what is getting the most activity, or engagement.

Your news feed will return to the default setting, so this is something you can switch regularly to see the difference.

It’s a very simple change to make. On your homepage’s left hand column, find News Feed, and click the drop down triangle next to it. You will see the option to switch from Top Stories to Most Recent. Give it a try now, and see what impact it has on your news feed.

  1. Using News Feed Preferences.

You can access your News Feed preferences from the very top of your home page. In the top right hand corner, there is a drop down triangle. Click here to open a drop down menu where you will find News Feed Preferences.   You will now see all the Friends, Groups and Pages that you follow on Facebook. Here, you can easily see a Summary of your connections, or you can view People, Pages or Groups as their own category. Within each tab, you can easily Follow or Unfollow anyone with a simple click.

If you find that your News Feed is over run with too many posts from one Group or Page, or if you see too much from a friend that you barely know, try some of these techniques, and I guarantee that you will see a change in your News Feed!